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      Welcome, Feel free to register to our forums by clicking on the forums tab above. A big Thanks to those who have donated so far. Each donation made so far, has helped us create a more user friendly environment. Remember we have a server bill to pay every month so with out your support there would be no Emerge Gaming!  A big thanks to our regulars who always enforce our server rules in-game.
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Thanks to all those who have donated this month. Also to everyone who have donated in the past! You guys are the reason Emerge Lives on and on. Much love from Emerge Community <333
 Overwatch server Now Running on  the newest beta patch.... As Of right now DayZ Commander will not work To Find The Server. i am sure They will fix it soon, but for rightnow Use this http://dayzlauncher.com very similar to dayzcommander.. Then Search For emerge  server of course. Also database now uses "STEAMID64" instead of the old unique id. if you need your humanity back post on the forums gear you can just find again :).......




















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